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"Biophilia, if it exists, and I believe it exists, is the innately emotional affiliation of humans beings to other living organisms. From the scant evidence concerning its nature, biophilia is not a single instinct but a complex of learning rules that can be teased apart and analyzed individually. The feelings molded by the learning rules fall along several emotional spectra, from attraction to aversion, from awe to indifference, from peacefulness to fear-driven anxiety.These multiple strands of emotional response are woven into symbols composing a large part of culture. When human beings remove themselves from the natural environment, the biophilic learning rules are not replaced by modern versions equally well adapted to contemporary technological features of life. Instead, they persist from generation to generation, atrophied and fitfully manisfested in the artificial new environments. It is no accident of culture that more children and adults visit zoos than attend all major professional sports combined (at least in the United States and Canada), that the wealthy continue to seek dwellings on prominences above water amidst parkland, and that urban dwellers continue to dream of snakes for reasons they cannot explain."

-E.O. Wilson In Search of Nature


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Charlie Christenson
So Happy
Desmond White
Blue Tunnel
Charlie Christenson
Desmond White
Dancer/Fan Noise
Desmond White
Brown Leaves
Desmond White
Haruki II
Charlie Christenson
Desmond White
Desmond White
Haruki I
Desmond White
Desmond White
Green Card
Fabian Almazan
H.U.Gs (Historically Under-Represented Groups)
Fabian Almazan
The Vicarious Life
Desmond White
Fabian Almazan
Fabian Almazan
Tres Lindas Cubanas
Fabian Almazan
Grandmother Song
Dmitri Shostakovich; arr. F. Almazan
String Quartet No. 10, Op.118


Upcoming Performances

Sunday, July 19, 2015 -
Andrea Wood CD Release - Kaleidoscope
Rockwood Stage 2 - view map


Andrea Wood
With a rich tone and intuitive feel, vocalist and composer Andrea Wood is said to have "astonishing vocal range effective in conveying the emotions of a song" (Jazz Times Magazine). Her music is simultaneously intricate and accessible, highlighting Wood's stylistic versatility and impressive vocal ability through her jazz/soul/Brazilian influenced original compositions and arrangements.

Desmond White EPK
Short documentary-style film with Desmond White discussing his latest release with Biophilia Records

Rhizome Project/Proyecto Rizoma
Fabian Almazan & Rhizome

Charlie Christenson Overdubbing
Hard at work on overdubs for the final section of "Break My Back," the third track off our upcoming EP, Shipwreckee. #sharethedespair

Charlie Christenson Trio - Live @ Acadia (2013)
The trio live from the Acadia in Minneapolis, MN on Saturday, July 27th, 2013. The tune is an original called "One Eye."
CC, keyboard/voice
Matt Edlund, drums
Adam Meckler, trumpet

The Vicarious Life
Fabian Almazan Trio with Linda Oh & Justin Brown


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